Wednesday, October 3, 2007

New Dove 'Onslaught' Film

This is an amazing ad campaign that the Dove Company has be promoting for the past couple years that's called The Campaign for Real Beauty .

It promotes a positive, realistic body image and the acceptance and love for ones self just the way you are. It is geared towards young girls to counteract the effects of being force fed unhealthy ideals of beauty from the fashion and cosmetic industries.

Watch these videos please and tell all your mothers, daughters, and girlfriends to be inspired to accept who they are and what they are... and not what the media makes them strive to be...

This is called "Evolution" and shows how the fashion industry can manipulate and change the image of a woman just to promote the sale of their products...

And this is called "Onslaught" which examines how the media bombards the general poulation with messages that basically tell women and girls that they will never be thin enough, tall enough, pretty enough enough...

-Thanks Chrissy for the hot tip!

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