Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Duck Monster Toy Surprise...Reminicent of Rat Fink

I really wanna get this for a 2 year old I know.
This'll show him! Not listening to bedtime and whatnot...

Here's something for you, or perhaps your creepy kiddos. It's the Duck Monster Toy Surprise! Now I realize, being a duckie, this may seem like an Easter prize. But it's not just a's a monster duck. And monsters are good all year round.

Made from a clear, fluorescent green plastic duck container that I found. I attached a couple of tin eyeballs, secured with strong adhesive and pinned into place with old nails. The contents are hand selected, strange little trinkets and plastic trash treasures from my own personal collection of goofy junk. There's a crazy eyepatch, a skull keychain as well as some other skull & skeleton items, and a vintage plastic tiki mask charm. There are also plastic purple monster, a dino dimetradon, bat rings, some bugs and some other figures and thingamajigs...and a 1" zombie pinback button that I made too.

The duck comes with a nifty display base that I made from an old piece of wood painted with pink acrylic. I'll also include a few extra surprises outside of the duck. The various items assembled here have been found and collected, so there may be a few flaws such as chips, scratches or minute cracks.

The duck itself measures approx 4 ½" in length, 3 ¾" high and about 2 ½" wide at the base. I consider this to be a sort of art assemblage /toy geekery item.

Not recommended for small small children.

Found on pickledpunk on Etsy

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