Thursday, May 3, 2012

Student Brain Waves DIE IN CLASS* - scientifically proven

*Slight exaggeration.

From Sociological Images:
In a report designed to prove the feasibility of measuring electrodermal activity on subjects going about their daily life, at least one student showed near brain-death during class.
Explains A LOT. Especially why students sometimes take off their socks and play with their toes.* BECAUSE THEY ARE TRYING TO SURVIVE.

*True story.


  1. One should always be willing to sacrifice socks to preserve brain cells.

  2. Miss C would like to add that those socks never made it home....through no fault of the unnamed student.

  3. Good point! If this sort of thing happened now-in-days we could sue!

    They were very pretty, with ruffles when you folded them over. I distinctly remember trying to get them out of the trash - but it "wasn't allowed".