Friday, April 20, 2012

Mmm...Beer Floats and Boozie Popsicles!

I like Guinness. That and Smithwick's are my most favorite dark beer to curl up with in the winter. Something about the stew-like consistency warms my heart when it gets chilly outside!

But now that's it's summer (hello 80º!) what's a girl to do?

What about a Guinness Beer Float!
Or perhaps a Witbier with Raspberry Sorbet?
This and 5 other tasty float recipes are listed on the Kitchn site!

Or better yet, "Dirty Pirate Popsicles"!
Made with Coke, Rum and Kahlua!

I tell you what... if our Hampden Ghetto Ice Cream Truck (TM) carried either of these babies, I'll be running after the truck like my life depended on it (instead of running in fear....)!

Both via 
Oh, and here's a posting of the Hampden Ice Cream Truck driving by...
And the Hampden Ice Cream Truck twitter feed...

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