Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Genetic Similarities in Siblings - Photographs!

"Cousin: Justine, 29 years & Ulric, 29 years"     

“Sisters: Anne-Sophie, 19 years & Pascale, 16″

“Brothers: Christopher, 30 years & Ulrich, 29 years”

“Sisters: Isabella, 32 & Amelia, 33 years”
Composites of 2 relatives - into 1 image!

From Ulric Collette!

But this one is from me:
"Sisters: Esti 30 & Diana 28"

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  1. I want the job of mashin up photos, how do I acquire this job, I do it for fun all the time. My new job title: Executive director of photo mashin'

  2. DIG: IKR! I see you...then I see me..then it's like Harley Quinn!

    SBG: Perhaps a future in drawings/real life mashups? A whole new world could be waiting for you!

  3. Can you do it again? With a straight on shot? Diana got more eye than Esti did. But, oh, that is weird.

  4. I don't see why not? Heck, I could photoshop unrelated people too! Like maybe Mom & Dad! MUAHAHAHH!...
    Also, we still need to do this:http://loopyrocket.blogspot.com/2011/02/back-to-future-photoseriesits-not-what.html