Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Webcam? Really? Do you not trust us!???

A coworker, we'll call "Bob", is in a meeting today. Since Bob wants to do work also, he's remoting in to his computer.  BUT he decided to set up a webcam incase of shennanigans. 

The Issue:
My desk is DIRECTLY across from his, so now I am constantly on his radar. There's been a string of "Hey Esti! Why did you get up 8 times in the last 5 minutes?" comments. 

I was not amused. 

I decided to fight back. 

The Solution:
Behold! The image below is the fruit of my (and a cohort's) labors:

We snapped a photo of the view he SHOULD be seeing, printed it out and placed it in front of his Webcam. Now he sees what we WANT him to see!! MUAHAH!!

Bob sent us a screenshot from his computer:

Looks pretty convincing!

Only 1 problem.... Bob emailed everyone to ask why I've been on the phone and not moving for the last 5 minutes!! 

We may change the print out in a few...maybe with something more apocalyptic?


  1. yes please, I want a zombie Esti with fire and brimstone in the background, do it now!!!

  2. LOL! That was the original plan... we since decayed into ...THIS:
    Awww yeah... the beatty-eyed kids are staring at you!
    Needless to say, I think he freaked out a bit. :)