Monday, March 19, 2012

Get on da bus! The Go-Go thrifty shop bus!

Photo by Andy!
Completely caught off guard to get my picture taken... but Stacy is a natural!
This image from Baltimore Sun
My early Saturday mornings usually consist of not washing my hair, putting on some schlubby clothes and dashing my Etsy goods to the post office unseen by the public. So when, bleary-eyed, Andy and I stumbled down the avenue,  it took a few minutes to register what I was looking at.

This was no fuzzy nightmare of middle school...this was a fantastic school bus filled with thrifty goodies! Swoon!

Now I'm a pretty bouncy person, but the owner, Stacy, completely eclipsed me. Maybe it was because she just quit her day job? (YAY!) or because she had the most adorable puppy-in-a-basket to keep her company!? Either way, I had a great time browsing through the awesomeness. Even Andy enjoyed his time by petting the pooch and adding dry erase graffiti on the ceiling!

Check out the Go-go's Retread Threads bus stop schedule here!

Some other linkies:
Go-go's bus at Honfest! And at Hampdenfest! (How did I miss this!??? Oh wait... I was probably highly intoxicated. Nothing says "Yay Neighborhood" than drinking in public!)

Did I mention I love how random Hampden always seems to be?

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