Friday, January 13, 2012

Poop Coffee at Zeke's this Weekend!

By now you've probably heard of Kopie Luwak-civet coffee... the MOST EXPENSIVE COFFEE IN THE WOLRD! No? You mean you haven't heard of the Monkey poop it comes from?

I kid you not.

Let me tell you a little story of the Asian Palm Civet (the monkey culprit above). This scavenger scours the jungle eating the sweet red coffee beans he finds....then, yep! Poops out the undigested coffee beans!  Then some entrepreneurial genius gathers the poop, cleans it (tho never enough for my tastes),  grinds the digested coffee beans and charges outrageous amounts for it! Joy!

Boing Boing describes it best:
humans discovered that the enzymes in the civets’ tummies break down the coffee’s bitterness, leaving behind an extremely delicious pooped bean. 
I tell you all this because Zeke's, the best coffee in the known universe, is having a Tasting Event for Kopi Luwak this weekend!

I may need someone to come with to hold my hand...

And because I may have inadvertently destroyed your appetite, here's a cute kitty in a coffee cup as an apology:

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