Friday, January 6, 2012

Goths in Trees!

My new favorite Tumblr! Goths in Trees

Snarky comments? Check.
Grading based on strict requirements? Check!

There's some stiff competition for a perfect 5 out of 5 score... but here's a sampler:

This is what I found for you. There are Goths, there is a tree, there’s an old guy dressed as what I assume is supposed to be Santa. We’re all seated/sitting around a giant chair which makes Santa look like a tiny elf man. My favourite Goth is the one with the hair in plaits. (Edit: there seems to be some confusion as to which one with the hair in plaits I like, it’s the one sitting on the couch, fool.) Very cute. I want to give them a Christmas hug and offer them a clove cigarette if they’d GET THE FUCK OFF THEIR BUMS AND JUMP UP THAT MOTHER FUCKING CHRISTMAS TREE. Please.



  1. That would be me on the far right... I have no idea how this got online. This was taken back when I was a teenager in Kingwood, Texas, and I am now finding it all over the web! My family and I took pictures with this paticular Santa every year! This picture I had completely forgotten about until a friend showed it to me recently because she found it on Pinterest. Rest assured, my fashion choices are much better these days! ;)

  2. OMG. You are kidding! This is completely amazing.
    Couple things I'd like to comment on:

    a) Under the circumstances, Santa's really keeping up that cherubic smile!
    b) Goths believe in Santa!
    c) Nothing ever stays hidden on the internet :)
    d) Reunion photo retake 10 years later?!