Friday, November 25, 2011

What's more religious than a corned beef sandwich? - Happy Food Coma day!

It's true! Jews love food! (Well, who doesn't?).

So, in honor of the Pilgrims chowing down, we thought we would share our traditions as well. In fact, there's a whole exhibit of Jewish food at the Jewish Museum of Maryland... with a few familiar faces!

A few months ago, there was a call to the community for photos and memories of your food "recollections". Good thing our family has it's own paparazzi in my Uncle Howard! With his trusty archive of 100 years worth of photos, he practically filled the whole exhibit with our family photos (eating of course)!

From their site:
Chosen Food: Cuisine, Culture and American Jewish Identity examines the diversity of Jewish eating and uncovers the messages in our meals. It shows how the foods we choose to eat speak volumes about who we are.
Above are a smattering of photos around the exhibit...with some notable highlights! (Yours truly and her family!). The photos above were all taken by Howard (except where he is posing, and those were taken by his wife, Barbara)

Enjoy! And hope your food traditions include tasty-ness all day! 


  1. Howard takes the BEST photos!!!

  2. Howard taking pictures of himself in pictures. woah, way too meta.

  3. Lois, he sure does! If only becuase of the sheer quantity ;) He also makes quite the model!

    DiG: We have to go deeper!

  4. Corned beef, corned beef, that's the best.
    Corned beef, corned beef, beat's the rest.
    Turkey, roast beef, there's no contest.
    Corned beef, corned beef, it's the finest.