Monday, September 12, 2011

Advanced Style - Dressing Age Appropriate? PHSHAW!

Who says you have to be young and waif-ish to be fashionable?  These "advanced" ladies show you are never too old to play with your clothes and look FABULOUS. I admire their chutzpah!

In our immediate family we're lucky to have amazing dressers to emulate. Jealously of outfits runs rampant. Unfortunately they're all smaller than a size 4 compared to my "behemoth" larger sizing - so hand me downs are out of the question.  

Hmm... maybe some of these ladies might want to adopt another grandchild????
More inspiration at Advanced Style Blog! (where I stole the photos from...)


  1. These ladies are inspiring. We need to see less skeletal young women and more of women like these. Thanks for sharing, Loopy Rocket.

  2. Darn tootin'!

    Tho I gotta say there were quite a few thinner "advanced stylists" on that blog... perhaps we don't quite grow out of it when we get older?

    That being said, it IS nice not to see 12 year olds prancing around in "high-fashion"