Monday, August 29, 2011

Hurricane Irene? Such a wuss.

For those on the East Coast, thought I would share some gems:

Reporting from 1/2 mile from my house, this girl sums it up just right. via

As always, the Oatmeal is RIGHT on target:

Hope everyone is okay and your internets are back up!


  1. Whoah! I don't know where to begin on that video. Frankly, even my poodle just watched and shook his head.

  2. so happy i was in los angeles that entire week! no earthquakes or hurricanes for me! except i did come home to an entire block of no electricity....thats been that way since SATURDAY! three trees fell in the alley way and pretty much f@##$&^%$ alll the power and cables lines. =<

  3. D> You know it's true! Although a co-worker says she's STILL out of electricity! They're telling her Friday - Saturday at the latest. Can you say extended camping in the backyard?

    ZZ! DUDE! Lucky! Tho, I hear LA has it's share of earthquakes. Figures, you leave the rare earthquake area to go to the hotspot zone, and we get the earthquake! Hmm... coincidence that you left and we get hit?