Friday, June 24, 2011

Lucius Art! Where Monkies Ride Rodents!

Astronaut Space Pug

Monkey in Cowboy Hat Riding a Chipmunk

1980s Portrait Studio Cat

I just about peed myself for the portrait studio cat. Oh... and the Pants are Overrated print!
Ahhh...Etsy. Everything I never knew I needed. Link!


  1. Hmm... that's very nice.
    But if you have ever read by blog or visited here more than once, you'll realize I don't care about SEOs.

    In fact, I despise spam posters with a burning burning passion.

    So, I'm going to leave up your post as a warning to all spam posters in the future!

    We're going to Moderated Comments!!!
    Nice Job Hapi. You've ruined it for everyone.