Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How About Some Fancy Feast?

Born Free
Buddha Puss
Americana Cat
Sometimes while browsing Etsy, you find the most amazing things...
Like: Lorenzo the Cat!


  1. That cat has more outfits than I do!

  2. I know right!
    Great, now I can't wear my blue ascot again without comparing myself to this dapper kitty. I'll never be as suave as he!

  3. Frankly, Bartie would have been a far better feline model. He carries himself exceptionally well and has a dazzling film persona. He can sell a clothing line and photos like Little Debbie can sell snack cakes.

  4. You mean Meatie?

    The only thing that asthmatic purrer can sell is fatty-fatty-fat-fat catnip mice.

    But I would be more than happy to sacrifice my home and free time to train him for his photo debut.

    In fact, he should probably stay with me indefinitely... just be sure he's trained properly.