Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Treasury Love! All about the Leather ;)

Not that kind of leather people! Sheesh...

My Love Snake Bites Leather Cuff made it into the 2nd row! (far right).

I will never tire of being showcased in treasuries. Which means, if you're reading this now saying "Geez, will she stop already?" I say "Suck it!" Actually, I think I said something like "Aww come on.. this is so exciting for me! Suck it."

This Lovely Leather Treasury is from the Lovely Sullty!


  1. Unbelieveable!! Wild! They've picked your work how many times now?!! There's only 4 billion items listed on etsy. Truly outstanding...as is your artwork. And I love that belt! I've been wearing the one you made with the stars.

  2. Thanks! LOL! I was kinda shocked too! Considering lately it's been all about the labels.. :)

    Oh! And I got a bunch more luscious fabric for the fabric kits.. so lookout for those! Yippie!