Friday, April 29, 2011

Kids! Go be an Astronaut! - Beef & Pie "Our Sputnik Moment"

"Our Sputnik Moment" from Beef and Pie on Vimeo.

For the previous generation, exploring space was key! Many remember the celestial beeps from when Russia first launched Sputnik into the sky - and the subsequent American push to compete in the Space Race! Teachers in that time "suggested" students learn Math! Or Science! Or Engineering! Go forward!
Leading to NASA and our own space nerds!

But alas, with the privatization of NASA who knows what will happen with America's Space Race...

So with the marking of today's final flight of the Space Shuttle Endeavor, Beef & Pie Productions marks the passage with a mini-series: Richard Garriott Presents.

As Beef & Pie suggests, pour yourself a glass of Tang and vodka and enjoy.