Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Joys of Sugar Induced Super Hyperactivity... and Mean Mommies!!!!


Becca sent this over with the caveat "Maybe you shouldn't be reading this in class. Last time I read this I was laughing so hard I thought I was dying". (Complete paraphrasing and embellishment for exaggeration's sake - I would NEVER read blogs in class... nor would Becca die laughing).

But she was right! OH DARN WAS SHE RIGHT!
The chick that writes Hyperbole and a Half takes her childhood memories, ramps them up on crack, draws funny little doodles and basically BLOWS MY MIND!!!!

The best reading so far has been The God of Cake (doodles above). All Allie wants is a tiny sliver of her grandpa's cake... then UNLEASHES THE FURY!


  1. You are sooo right. Becca nailed it and her drawings were perfect. I'll be following her too. You pegged this one perfectly....and start paying attention in class!

  2. LOL! It actually wasn't Becca that made these, but a chick named Allie!
    Although, Becca was the one that induced me into the Hyperbole Club!

    Did you read the one about ALOT? Hilarity!

  3. Funniest , most relevant to my life blog ever!

  4. I think we should re-enact the God of Cake post at work. We could get someone to make a cake and we can chase after it screaming "CAKKKKKEEE!!!!"

    What do you think? After lunch maybe? :)