Friday, April 8, 2011

CustomCon28 Entries are Up! And I couldn't be more Proud!

Every year Toy Mania holds their own special CustomCon where folks from all over submit their own custom action figures! (For those non-dork types, customs are figures that have never been in a store. Using resin or Frankensteining for parts, the artists create their own unique action figures)

And who should we see in the convention? The two entries above designed by my hubs! And let me just say... those DC figures are MOLDED RESIN! Painstakingly MADE BY HAND - not bought and painted! For weeks he was filling the dining room with blue plastic and measuring cups of liquid (plus we now have some fancy "coloring" on the kitchen counters). I think he deserves an A+++!

In other news: This guy REALLY wants a job at DST. Good luck there buddy.

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