Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sad Boyfriends Make Sad Etsy Models aka SUCKERS!!!!

"This guy's thinking about Xbox."

"I guess when your hair is that colorful, you need to tone it down with grays and a sad face."
"Seething rage behind those eyes."

When Becca sent these over, I spewed green tea all over my monitor!

Urlesque has posted a WHOLE list of Girls that run shops on Etsy... who torture their boyfriends by making them models. Oh gawd it's so true! I can see the conversation now...

Girl: "Sweetie, I need a model for my stuff. Can you do it please? And act like you like it?"
Boy: (I better be getting laid for this)

Andy should thank his lucky stars my Etsy stuff doesn't need a model...

..P.S. Captions from Urlesque - it's like they were reading my mind!

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