Sunday, March 13, 2011

On your marks, Get set, GO INTERNATIONAL at Target!

Target has announced that the MAJORLY coveted Go International Collective will re-release 34 exclusive designs from 17 previously featured designers!!! Signature dresses from the 5 year run, will feature designers like Anna Sui, Libertine and Erin Fetherston!
Posted here is just a small sampling.. peek'em here, or get'em at Target March 13 - April 10. (You may not see me there, considering I'll be under a pile of clothes in the fitting room! Score!) via

Update! A coworker and I zoomed over there for a little lunch break fashion implosion. I got one word for you: FAIL. As in BIG TIME FAIL. As in, why would they bring back dresses that look like moo-moos?
-1st row, 2nd from left: Couldn't figure out if it was a top with skirt? If you tuck the bottom under the flowy top you almost get a mini-skirt with a green tank? Oh gawd. Can't explain hot mess better. 
- 2nd row, 3rd from left: No, wrapping a belt around a tent does NOT make this a fashionable dress!
- And let's not even talk about this one. The only way this prom dress is getting better is if someone pours pig blood on it.


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