Thursday, March 3, 2011

Jam: An Etsy Treasury!

Weeee hooo!!! Treasury Love from wmalexalvarez!
Today's theme?
A creative interpretation on JAM!
where would peanut butter be without it? what would jazz musicians call an informal session of playing music without it? how lonely would our toes be?
It's time for some Jam

Lonely toes indeed.
Thanks for the Shout-out Alex!
link! (the very nature of treasuries is it'll be gone click the link quick!)


  1. your labels look fantastic, but I'm not so sure about the Toe Jam with Yogurt - now available in two patchouli-based scents (I just gagged typing that...and only wish I was kidding.)

  2. LOL!!! I know right! I saw that and was ALMOST tempted to buy as gift...

    wait wait... I totally missed the "in two patchouli-based scents". Wow. It just got 2 times better!