Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Did you know: March is National Craft Month!

Here's some linky's for Crafty Fun!

DIY: Talk to the Hand!
Take Calls on Your Hand with a handmade Bluetooth Glove! So want. via

Make Moroccan Lanterns for your Bollywood Inspired Party!
Maybe an Infinity Scarf?

And lastly, a Paper Cup Wreath! How do they always make these look so pretty? If I did it? Disaster...
Other things you might not know:
I have been hoarding these crafty bits. I guess I should share?
I have had too much coffee... OR NOT ENOUGH!
I like to make hotdog octopuses scream when I eat them.


  1. as a fellow fan of hot dog octopuses, I had to follow the link; those green ramen noodles are awesome! and so incredibly green!

  2. LOL! And that shade of mutant neon green makes it so...uh...appetizing?

    Who am I kidding, I'd totally eat that.