Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Birthday in a Box... Or Adorable DIY, In a box.

How adorable is this!???
That's it. Who's bday is next!!!???!!

You are my fav made this... and she posted how to make your own!
I know mom's got some "unusual cake decorations" I can kidnap adopt... See images below:
Yes, that is my birthday cake. And yes... the left birthday sign on stick has a BURNED OFF CORNER. (Which I had nothing to do with).

Oh, and that cow I'm holding? It's head is backwards.


  1. That cow's head is backwards because someone was insensitive to bovine anatomy. And everybody knows that anytime you put more than, um, a lot of candles on a birthday cake, someone needs to remove all combustible decorations. No mention of guilty parties. But you know who you are!

  2. Fire Marshal huh...
    Well, Mr. Fire Marshal, I'm sure if the guilty parties knew they were using flammable items, THEY WOULD HAVE ADDED MORE!!! MUAHAHAHAHHH!!!!

    Sayyyyyy... I've got some leftover fireworks we can use on the next birthday! Perhaps some Roman Candles?????