Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Beef and Pie Productions: Drs. Woolf & Woolf Animated Eyechart!

Really wonderful graphics from Beef and Pie's latest and greatest commercial for Drs. Woolf & Woolf Optometrists! Makes me think of vintage diners and great eyecare ;)

Here's what Beef & Pie has to say:
So Beefy’s Dad is an optometrist. His grandmother and grandfather were optometrists.  Beefy’s brother is an optometrist.  Beefy was supposed to be an optometrist. Now he just makes ads for optometrists.
Animating an eye chart was an ad idea kicking around in his head for years.  But it was Christian Helms’ design and Brandon Thomas’ animation that made that glimmer in his eye a reality.
It's always impressive to see what they're up to down in Austin. 
Def check out the whole animated enchilada on Beef & Pie's Site Here
And you may recognize the T-Shirt winner of 2007....

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