Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Buying Rabbit on Amazon Makes Bunnies Weep....

Check out this listing on Amazon for Fresh Whole Rabbit.
$43.50? It's a steal!
 Then, check out the other customer images:

Then read the comments like this one:

How many weekends have I spent, in the loincloth, knife clenched in my teeth, running through the fields trying to find a rabbit? (A bunch, trust me on this, a bunch.) All so I can have something to sacrifice on the altar once I get to the cave.
Now, with this, home, fix a cocktail, go through the day's mail, finish my drink and drive over to the cave, yank this carcass out of the box and offer this at the feet of my dark lord and master, boom, done. I'm happy, my dark lord and master is happy, everybody wins.
What a time saver. 
And this one:
I ordered one of these Fresh "Whole" Rabbits, but when it arrived its head, fur and insides were missing. Not exactly whole, I'd say! Maybe it was just damaged during shipping, but I won't be buying another one. I mean - without the long ears, how do I know it even WAS a rabbit? It was the same size and shape as a cat...not that I've seen a cat with its head, fur and insides missing. I mean, not like really close or anything.
On the plus side, it was delicious with a tall, cold glass of Tuscan Milk, so I give it three stars. That's three WHOLE stars, BTW.
And one titled: "Kill the Wabbit"

I do love me the internet. Here's the link again. via (non vegan) Jenny!

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