Monday, August 2, 2010

J.Crew is Selling Friendship Braclets? Aka: My Childhood Sold for Buku Bucks!

Huh. J.Crew is partnering with Frieda & Nellie for their J.Crew "Accessories Partnership". Hmm... I bet the brainstorming session for this one was held at sleepaway camp and made by bratty kids crying over missing their mommies.  

Oh but wait! They have "vintage links", "rhinestone or metal chains or links, knotted with toucan-toned cotton embroidery thread." and "lozenge and chevron patterns wind through the sparklers."  Oh, I'm SO going to pay $130 to $250 for these. <---extreme sarcasm.

If I really dug this fad, I'd whip out my trusty bead loom from the 80's, grab some of my High School friends, and craft away to the sounds of Take That. But really, I'm just upset our Friendship Bracelet Racket (sell to neighbors) didn't take off like this did. Oh missed oppurtunities!


  1. Do you still have the bff plastic string key chain I weaved for you? And did you save your trapper keeper with the puffy paint bff's forever decloration on it, if not im very disappointed.

  2. wait! wait! I think I have a ratty something in my bead box. Must locate it immediately and post on ebay.

  3. What??? You can't do that!!! That's a symbol of someone's friendship!

    If you sell it on ebay, the friendship fairies will get you!

  4. friendship/schmendship, that ratty thing is going on ebay.