Monday, August 30, 2010

All About Evil was All About Awesome!

In the true form of Midnight Movie Camptastic-arie, "All About Evil" spewed blood and comedy, as only drag queen Peaches Christ can!

I usually don't do "movie reviews" but, after just watching this movie at the Creative Alliance, I felt it was my duty to spread a little praise!

Going in, I knew nothing of Peaches Christ or her Midnight Mass in San Fran. The aeronautically tattooed girl next to me filled me in on the 4-D revelry at those "events" (we're talking live actors and clever antics). Whatever my expectations were, I was not disappointed! We saw dance numbers and characters interacting with the audeinece. And with Peaches (a.k.a. Director Joshua Grannell) being from Maryland and Mink Stole being in attendance, we gave them a hearty Bmore welcome!

The movie itself was camperific. Reminding me of the low-budget films of the 70's, the acting was way over the top! It was funny to see Cassandra Peterson (Elvira!) play a mom (which was a clever inside joke we COMPLETELY missed until they rolled credits). And Natasha Lyonne was hilarious as a complete nut-case inspired by great leading ladies (look for Mae West and Bette Davis as inspirations!).

There were some great scenes about "silencing your cellphones" and Winter-Summer relationships (say what?). All in good fun! We found ourselves bouncing out of there with smiles on our faces. Can't wait to see Peaches next movie. Count me in!

Oh, and by the way, don't drink the kool-aid offered. You'll thank me later!

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