Thursday, July 8, 2010

ZooTool... My New Favorite Bookmarking Engine!

I can't tell you HOW long I've been searching for something like this!!!!
Zootool is a way to Bookmark IMAGES on the net!

Make a profile on ZooTools
Surf your fav sites.
You like something.
You click your "Lasso" link
Whatever you want to "lasso"... image, site, feed, etc. shows up on your bookmark page:

What my bookmarks look like so far!
Plus! Organize by folders & tags!!!!

Super PLUS: Whatever you bookmark gets published on your "feed" like: My Feed Page!

Gah!  No more saving crap to my desktop! Say┼Źnara Tumblr!
Ahhh...I love when the future is now.

Zootools! (and no, I wasn't paid for this, I'm just a stupid fan that gives it away for free)


  1. I've been looking for a good one of these FOREVERRRRRRR!!!! I'm signing up now!

  2. I know right! Why did it take so long for the internet to catch up to us!?