Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Playing Dress the Model in Cosplay... Part 2: Pirate Girl Anne Bonny!

Today's Custom Tailored Booth Babe is ... dun dun dun... Pirate Girl Anne Bonny!:

Uh... and yeah, don't ask me where those black tights came from, because I have no idea! Maybe the model brought them? Hmm...

What I did:
Wow, this was a tough one. There are TONS of things I had to custom on this one. Pirate costumes, exactly how I need them, don't exist!

For example...the boots! Those gold filigrees don't come naturally! After returning some attrocious white go-go boots, I hand painted gold filigrees on to match Jean St. Jean's sketched out vision. (Sketched vision seen below)

On top of that, corsets don't come with buttons and ties like that... nor do boots! So you guessed it... all hand sewn on! The worst part was measuring out where the buttons went. Ruler nightmare!
But the real topper, gold accoutrement's come in all different shades!!! Oh yeah, the gold buttons didn't match the jacket, didn't match the belt buckle, didn't match the cords....I foresaw one big hot mess! And with my slightly perfectionist attitude... ALL GOLD MUST MATCH. Yep. I repainted every single gold bit to match.

End product:

All in all, I'm pretty proud of how this all turned out!

What do you think? (besides the tights. Gawd, those are killing me!!!)

On a side note, since the outfit was based on a black and white sketch, I could pick and choose what colors I wanted for the costume, unexpectedly choosing the colors used on the statue! From now on, I'm calling myself the Pirate Girl Project Manager. You may kiss the ring.


  1. You are amazing! Where in the world did you find all those pieces? -and your modifications were terrific. Another superb job by the Master. BTW who the heck wears shorts or skirts that length?!!

  2. Um... yeah, about the shorts that length.... they were actually underwear from Victoria's Secret!!

    VS called them "Boy Shorts". I call them "You call that Boy shorts? Try itty bitty piece of fabric for $12."

    And I'm actually surprised I didn't get questioned about some of the outfits... considering they were mostly bought from Stripper Sites!!!

  3. they couldn't hire a burnette for that one?

  4. They changed their minds at the last minute!

    Original Statue: Brunette
    Hence Original Posters: Brunette

    Model: Blonde
    First day of SDCC: Paint Statue Blonde!