Friday, July 2, 2010

Lil Red Gets a Photoshop Makeover

I've been busy at work!
My mission, as I obvs. accepted = Use LOADS of Photoshop to make the "Little Red" sculpture look interesting!(the original here and on the left)

Photoshopping them actually took me WAY longer than I expected, say a couple hours straight? I'm still seeing cross-eyed. The worst part was making the hair look "real"... let's just say my "Smudging" tool is worn out to nubbins!

- These'll printed onto trading cards at SDCC! I'm a collectible! (sort of)

- Lil Red in the Alley is based off of this amazing tutorial: psd tutsplus
- And Blogged on Art Asylum here and here.
- I added a little hidden something to Little Red in the Alley! :)

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  1. You taking appointments for hair and makeup?