Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hippie Kitchens or "I know some people who could post here"

Just a few gems. I want to know where the folks in the first one got their furniture, AND the wallpaper. NIFTY! More afternoon delight here.

Btw, has anyone else noticed that all the food blogs are on a lemon kick? Sheesh. Oy. Nom Nom.


  1. why is austin powers in that last photo?

  2. Captured in his humble beginnings! Shagadelic baby!!

    I would also like to know where to procure that lovely ship wallpaper! Just don't tell Andy...wha?

  3. we had one of those giant mural wall paper things in our house when we bought it, along with wood paneling and shag carpet...

    just keep in mind if you put one up no amount of industrial steaming will take it off, we actually had to mud over that muraled wall paper, so somewhere behind my big screen lyes a dreadfull covered bridge complete with hunting dogs and geese.

  4. Where did you find that picture of me with my babushka?!!