Friday, June 18, 2010

Don't Tell Mom, We're Making a REMAKE!!


In a long string of "OMG Can't Hollywood think of anything new?" movies, some genius has decided it's time to remake Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead. Really? WTH are you thinking??? This wasn't quite a gem when it first came out...

Lemme guess, the chick, played by Taylor Momsen,  is going to work at some fashion company like "The Hills" and her brother played by Emile Hirsch ("The dishes are done MAN!") in the end will find his calling on Cake Boss. The climatic ending is when Taylor's final designs, a cross between Sex and the City 2 and Urban Outfitters, saves the world.

Oh and Christina Applegate cameo's as their mom.

Other remakes I don't want to see (but probably will):
The Thing
Karate Kid
Logan's Run
A Nightmare On Elm Street

Aww hell, just click this link for55 more.

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  1. How dare you blasphemy the original film! I know it's no "Dr. Who", but come on, it's a fun flick.

  2. Fun if your idea of a wet dream is Christina Applegate in HUGE shoulder pads. (Although David Duchovny made a nice stalker!)

    And I resent that Dr. Who comment! No Call-of-Duty for you!!!

  3. for cereal this was like my favorite movie ever when i was a teenage girl... She made me want to be a fashion designer, that lasted huh.

  4. Yeah, she made it look so obtainable...apparently all you needed to do is lie & steal, then say sorry! (Hmm...worked for Rod Blagojevich!)