Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Breaking Bad News with Baby Animals! Or You're just as crazy as me!

(translation: Why does our baby look like the Pool boy?)

When Jennifer, (previously of Beagles in the City), asked around for addresses, I unknowingly gave personal information to a deranged person!

How was I to suspect what would show in my mailbox? imagine my surprise/awe/horror when a postcard with an adorable kitten and the words "I can't find the baby" showed in my mail! My immediate reaction? "AWWWW KITTY!!!!" My second reaction "I just wanna sqqquuuueeeee!" ... and my third reaction "Waitaminute, she can't find....hey, is that a cute kitty on the card?"

Ah yes, the joy of Breaking Bad News with Baby Animals.
You win this round JSP!
P.S. I had no idea Biz Markie was from Bmore! Thanks for the awesome mail-bomb!

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