Friday, May 7, 2010

Pie Chart Plate Measures Portions!

Genius! Each plate color-codes your food portions!

The plate comes in three types: Diet, Extra Ordinary and Supersize, but seem to reveal their real informational value only on the backside. Each category size plate have different proportions for people with different needs. The archetype of the ceramic plate is enhanced with explanatory graphics and distinctive colors. link
I need one that is soley for Desserts:
The back would say: 80% chocolate, 15% Pie Crust, 5% Ice Cream, and .00001% fruit.
Thanks for the hot link Laurenish!


  1. That plate is evil.... :D I bet a skinny person made them. LOL

  2. LOL!!! I bet you're right!!!

    OR... the actual size of the plate is the size of the table... in which case, we all win!