Monday, May 31, 2010

"Inspiring Contemp Furniture!" Or "Why did I give up on Industrial Design?"

Sit on this comfy Cactus!

Careful of the Geese Traffic Cones! (with following babies?)

Antler Handel Bars for your fancy bike!

Nature is so inspiring! 'Specially at the ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair). via

Tooting my own horn: It's a little known fact that I actually went to school for Industrial Design! As in "Whee! Let's make cool things that people can buy!" Yeah, dunno...after making some cool Spider Lamps and Children's Cave Exhibits, I thought... eh...this isnt' that interesting. But looking at these? So inspiring!!! If I knew then, what I know now... sigh.

In other news... HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY AMERICANS! (and a Happy Monday to everyone else!)


  1. Nature is inspiring! I'm always delighted to see others vision.

  2. I saw a dude the other day with the antler handlebars....I think his might have been actual deer though. Ahhh Texas...

  3. @Ann: Me too! Now if only I can own them... :)

    @DiG: I'm going to pretend they were totally fake and make out of recycled tire treads and eco-friendly processed wildflowers. Damn, what really goes on in Texas!?

  4. Loopy,

    Adoring the product design. :-) I went to school for industrial design, too! And didn't follow through either! I believe that I understand spatial relations better than my peers...