Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Blind Bike Stunt Rider: AKA Matt Gilman from Pikesville High School

I know ya'll know those guys in High School, the ones that are constantly trying to outdo each other with crazy antics: jumping over things, unlimited energy, acting all wild...the ones that had serious ADD before ADD was a household name!?

Well, what if I told you that crazy guy you knew, who used to get into serious trouble just for having fun, had gotten Type 1 Diabetes, and is now Legally Blind...

And now, what if I told you 10 yrs later, he's a famous Blind Stunt Rider? Would you believe me?!!!!

Well, let me introduce you to Matt Gilman...Blind Bike Stunt Rider! I'm so gawddamn proud of him. He was just at the Patterson Park BikeJam this weekend. And while he can only see 1 foot in front of him (that means he can't see the end of a jump till he's there)...that didn't stop him from performing to over 800 fans!

"Anything is Possible, if you try hard enough!" - Matt

Baltimore Sun Article

Matt's Website & Blog!

Via Laurenish!

A short vid on Youtube:

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