Monday, April 5, 2010

What Randomness Can I Fit Into an Hour For Lunch?

Everyday we have an hour to kill for lunch. Being at the same place for almost 4 years.. ya kinda get tired of the same old, same old. Our quest, if we so choose, do something ridiculous with our lunch time!

Thursday's adventure: Go to the Pine Ridge driving range with co-worker Ryan!

Since he's a little camera shy, and had the only working camera, he thought some silly pictures of me were needed.

Things to notice in these pics:
- I am NOT dressed for Golfing!
- I have never done this in my life
- I get bored easily...

Calling my shot all Babe Ruth like. (The "professional" guys next to us were snickering... ). Humpf!

Look at this power!!! The curve! The Swoop! The horrible stance!
Wow... look at it go. Wait... what is that by my FEET!!!??? Sonofa...

All in all, we went through 150 balls together! (Sometimes hitting 2 at once... is that bad?) I think my average was 10 ft, while Ryan almost hit the deer in the waaaaaay back by the tree line.
Hopefully this will become part of a series... considering it's getting nice outside, and I've got the shpilkes!


  1. LOL!!! You shoulda seen it, Tiger would cringe and run. I felt like Chevy Chase "Nananaing"!
    Next time, you totally should make a trip up and come with!

  2. Bahahah that is so rad! I also love that Ryan caught your miss on camera.


  3. Damn him and that camera....

  4. I know spectacular playing when I see it, and this clearly qualifies. No twisted ankles, no broken arms, no herniated discs. This is clearly a wildly successful golf outing. Kudos for a game well played!! When's the rematch?

  5. LOL! Thanks M! That's exactly what I kept telling them, but they wouldn't listen!

    Hmm...and it's in Timonium... not so far from Perry Hall. Wanna come?

  6. Oh Diamond How I miss thee. Lets meet half way one day from T Rowe and Diamond and do somethign fantastical. horseback riding? an hour of hand gliding? huh... huh?

  7. I could be talked into hand gliding...