Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What the Crap? Crazed Hausu Jap Film comes to the Senator!

WTF is this?!!!?? If I didn't know better, I'd think my brain was on acid and my head just exploded into a million vomiting kitties! (yep, it's in the trailer).
Easily the wierdest most drug-encouraging "horror" movie, House(Hausu), is coming to the Senator this weekend!

Janus Films summed it up pretty good:
How to describe Nobuhiko Obayahshi’s 1977 movie House? As a psychedelic ghost tale? A stream-of-consciousness bedtime story? An episode of Scooby Doo as directed by Dario Argento? Any of the above will do for this hallucinatory head trip about a schoolgirl who travels with six classmates to her ailing aunt’s creaky country home, only to come face to face with evil spirits, bloodthirsty pianos, and a demonic housecat.

I'm going. Someone come with and assure me this is all just a dream?

UPDATE: I will now have nightmares of turning into bananas. This movie was way more bizarre than I could ever, EVER imagine. Even my hubs, who hates my wierdo taste in movies, said he was gonna buy the DVD just to inflict the horror on other people! Personally I think it was all the underage boobies. :)


  1. As soon as that comes out on DVD, I'm gonna be the first one in line to get it!

  2. I loved the part with the piano. I hope her parents didn't spend too much on lessons. Take your father!

  3. You mean lessons in DEATH!!!???
    dun dun dun!!!

    Dad would LOVE this!
    It's bizarre, it's got subtitles, and it's got flying severed heads! I'm calling him now!