Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rocking Horse??? Rocking Scooter!!!!

Yes! The perfect thing for that perfect kid! Oh how I wish I had a brilliant Italian Rocking Scooter when I was a kid...

And did I mention I have 5 close friends that are having babies in the next month? FIVE!!!??? Whoever is lacing the water...you've outdone yourself!

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  1. It's in the water. Everyone around here's gettin' knocked up too!

  2. you have no idea how much Diego would love that!!! He is obsessed with scooters, bikes, motorcycles and cars. I can't ionvite you to his stupid kiddy parties until you have one... AHEM AHEM!!!

    anyways, yeah he really needs that.

  3. That is so friggin' cool! Does it come in larger sizes?

  4. @Cuz: That's it! Bottled water from now on!

    @Super: Did you notice the nameplate? Didja Didja? Fate I tell you!

    @M: That IS the larger size! It fits adults! (eh, so it's for kids..but I say screw that!)

  5. you made the name plate right? I thought you did that on purpose?!?

  6. Nope! I sure didn't!!!!
    It's a sign!