Friday, March 19, 2010

Björk and Michel Gondry!? Collaborating Again?!

Oooo! Baby! What have I done in my life to deserve this!!!!
I adore ADORED their earlier collaborations (see above). I mean... that's how I got to know and love Björk! (That was before I realized artist and directors could make music videos. I thought it was all the musicians! Man, was I sheltered.).

Get this....
So far together they've done:
Declare Independence
Army of Me
Human Behaviour


What would make this EVEN better is if Björk's husband Matthew Barney, a visual artist/sculptor/director/inventor, involved!
I may fall over.

To keep this good karma going, I will now kiss 3 babies, help 4 ladies cross the street and let Mojo run outside!

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