Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bacon Roses for Me? Awww... You Shouldn't Have!

Nothing says I love you like a hearty dose of tasty tasty gristle, fat, and deliciousness!

Note to self, next valentines day, I want a Bacon Bouquet!!
Delicious! Via Super Blogger Girl!


  1. I know right! What's next? Bacon cars? Bacon socks!? These are amazing times we live in. :)

  2. did you notice the bacon jewlery and scarf in the background, I know someone with a bacon scarf!

  3. LOL! Yeah! I love that bacon scarf!
    Mmm...bacon. And I"m still pushing for the bacon socks!

  4. Oooo but think about it:
    What's worse... stinky sweaty feet that smell like death... or tasty smelling feet that smell like bacon!
    I vote for bacon! :)
    And if you get hungry, you can chew on your toes! Hmm... okay... maybe I see your point here...