Tuesday, February 9, 2010


What have I been doing the last couple days?
Getting stranded in my house cause the city won't plow my street!!!

Don't believe me?
Check out this time lapse vid of our snowfall:

Raw Video: Time-lapse of massive D.C. snow

It may not mean much to Alaskans,  but golly-gee-whiz, people really do freak out around here!
(photo by mom!)


  1. Oh no... I think you are suppose to get more. Sorry! Get some supplies.

  2. Now that's some really high tech precision shoveling. Nice technique!

  3. LOL! Yes! I'm starring into the blizzard of doom now! Luckily I have 2 cats on me, so they keep me warm. I'll have to post more pictures of this CRAZINESS!!! (I can't see cars anymore!!!).

    And yes! My parents (those lucky ducks) have a sidewalk plower that comes through their 'hood! They were perfectly fine the day after!

  4. That video was AWESOME! We don't get snow in Georgia anymore. It's really, really depressing. My kids don't know the joys of a snow day and using trash can lids and skateboards without wheels and trucks to go down hills......lame. Georgia blows.

  5. My Dad (a native of Massachusetts) is living in DC right now and marvelling at all of the snow. Meanwhile, I'm actually in MA, and there's no snow. Amazing. Give back our snow! Good luck getting shoveled out!

  6. OMG... so you mean to tell me, that MA.. snow capital of the East Coast, has got NOTHING!!?? I don't believe it! I think there's something fishy going on.

    Trash can lids and Skateboards!! That is GENIUS! I'm off to steal some lids from my neighbors. Shoot, did I say that outloud??... MUAHAHH!