Thursday, February 18, 2010

Isaiah Zagar: South Street Mosaic Master!

Talk about prolific artists!

Isaiah Zagar has been using mosaic and ceramic art to cover the walls (sidewalks, doors, balconies) of public places for the last 40 years! Mostly centered around Philadelphia's South Street, his 100 or so works of art can be seen all up and down the hip South Street district!

Pics from the Magical Garden:

A room from his home:

And the Artist:
I remember living in Philly years back, watching the artist at work on his 1020 South Street masterpiece. The shiny drew me like a moth to flame!

Lucky me, the Magical Gardens are now open to the public!

Roadtrip anyone?
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  1. I have been there tons, i love it too, pretty shiny!!!!

  2. Ooooo!! Jealous!
    I'm dragging mom there sometime in March! I'm thinking the walking tour would be pretty cool!

  3. Just have to remember to bring shades ... for all that piZOW!