Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nursing Home: Granny Biker Club!

Oh yes, these Rabid Grannies formed a BIKER GANG and went to a BIKER BAR, clad in BIKER GEAR!     

NBC Reports: Nursing Home Residents Form a Biker Gang:

Lydia Scheltes woke up in her bed at Bethesda Retirement Center one morning with pinkish hair, a tattoo on her arm and a hangover. Not a typical morning for the 90-year-old.

The one thing the women didn’t get a chance to do was ride on a motorcycle, because it was too cold.
Make note, I want to stay here when it's time! 
via Julie!


  1. What a great story! It's nice to hear something positive about nursing homes in the news!

  2. Also, Bethesda Home and Retirement Center is in Chicago, not Baltimore.

  3. Awwww shoot... the chances of me retiring in Chicago: slim to none!
    Thanks for the heads up!