Monday, January 4, 2010

You've Made it thru the Holidays! You deserve something...

Something sweet!
Something FREEEEEEE!!!
You worked hard all December, what with all the family fake smiling, and buying of presents and eggnog. I believe you should get something in return. Something happy! 

So hurray for a "Surviving the Holidays" GIVEAWAY!!!!
In fact... this year has been a good one, you deserve MORE than one giveaway!
How about 4?

Each week in January, we'll have a giveaway contest (winner picked by
We'll start small... and build up to the last giveaway on Jan 25!

Each week the contest will start on the Monday, and end on the Friday (Jan 8).
The wiener, who I'll notify online and in email, has 48 hrs to get back to me, otherwise, someone else will be el'lucko winner'o. isn't TODAY MONDAY???
Why yes it is!
Which means....

Here's the first giveaway!!!

A super giant sugar bombed lollipop!
Your dentist will love you!!

How to enter:
None of that follow me, twitter with me, vote for me crap. Lame!
Just leave a comment with your email! (so I have someway to contact you). Could be about your day or when your last dentist visit was! I'm not picky!

Fun & Happy Commenting!


  1. Really? I am the only one who wants a super giant sugary sweet thing?!?!?

    I want to hold out for the bigger prize unless I can win more than once, you don't specify so I am ganna assume I can has lollipop and Big screen tv, you are giving away a big screen on week four right? right?!?

  2. Ha! I guess so!
    That and... we'll I really haven't advertised it. Considering all my friends are dental hygienists, they might get upset! (no one brushes teeth anymore) MUAHAHAHH!
    And enter as many times as you want!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. LOL!!! Yes indeed! Maybe we should keep it a secret btwn the 3 of us?

  5. Wait! Wait! I want in! My dentist needs to make another payment on his yacht! Count me in!