Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Website for Jessie Cakes: A Study of Deliciousness!

Whee hoo! Grad-School starts again this week. In fact, tonight is my first Information Architecture class! Hmm...never thought I'd get excited over school. Must be coming down with something.

In honor of this educational event, I'm sharing last semester's CSS Final Project! DUN DUN DUN! A homage to my absolute FAVORITE cupcake baker, Jessie K! I'm so glad she's my BFF, cause I can say things like "I want a Peppermint Chocolate Double Fudge Birthday Cake, STAT".  I kid! I kid! (not really). Maybe now that I've made this website, she'll take the hint and open her own store.

The whole shebang is live here!
Gimmie some feedback!
Too much pink?
Not enough scratch-and-sniff?

P.S. Giveaway!
P.S.S. I got an A!


  1. im just super proud that you're going back to school! I didn't know, that's so awesome!!!!


  2. Yeah!!! Anything to fill my day.. wha?
    Just call me CSS QUEEN!!! or not. :)

  3. oooooh, I want 1 dozen chocolate, 1 dozen raspberry, and 1 dozen chocolate raspberry. That website is awesome. My mouth is watering. How soon is Jessie taking orders? She needs to start heating up her oven.

  4. ooooo! Me too!! I was having real problems making the site when I was hungry... I think I drooled on my keyboard & short-circuited it. Whoops!

    But I'm totally passing that onto Jessie! She's REALLY gotta start. She is a fantastic Baker!!!