Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow Cakes!

Considering it's going to snow* 1-3" here tonigh, I'm thinking about making these yummies:

From Bakerella!

*Snow in Baltimore= 2 steps:
1) MAD run to the supermarket for Bread and Milk. NEVER go to the store if they call for snow. It's dangerous.
2) It doesn't snow.


  1. I had to go to the store yesterday for some Coco Pebbles and that shit was'd thought the storm of the century was comin'.....and of course, the bread aisle was wiped out. Bunch of damn retards....

  2. Seriously!!!!! And get them to somehow stop driving in the snow... in front of me... at 2 miles per hour... on the highway... on sunny 100% visability days! GAHHHHH!

    Hmm... but I bet it made your coco pebbles taste that much sweeter tho! :)