Monday, January 11, 2010

Giiiiiiveaway.... Numero 2! Brownies and Penguins!

Yum yum!
This weeks giveaway is more goody good tasties: Candy Cane Brownie Mix! Delish! (please send one when you make them...wha? Okay, maybe not)
But! I'm also throwing in one of those cute-ness Penguin plates from target! Adorable!

The Deal:
Each week in January, we'll have a giveaway contest (winner picked by
Each week the contest will start on the Monday, and end on the Friday (Jan 15).
The wiener, who I'll notify online and in email, has 48 hrs to get back to me, otherwise, someone else will be el'lucko winner'o.

How to enter:
Leave a comment with your email! (so I have someway to contact you).
Maybe a comment on something sticky you last ate? Or a holiday story? Heck, just tell me what you had for lunch and I'd be happy!
Extra Entry if you're a follower! (RSS or Google Friend). Leave an additional comment!

Good Luck and  Happy Commenting!

P.S. Everyone is a Winner For Giveaway Numero Uno!!!

P.S.S. Congrats to RainMommy, the weiner!!! I loved all the comments! I had no idea so many sticky things were abound. Oy, totally going to start brushing my teeth 3 times a day now!(RainMommy, I'm emailing you now! Yippie!)

And now we're onto Giveaway Numero 3!


  1. I wasn't even going to comment, but since you mentioned the sticky I have to tell you what happened to Diego this weekend. He has a hard time pooping, I know don't we all sometimes! so I got him some yummy prunes to munch on, well he stuck his finger in one to check it out and it got stuck to his hand. He was flailing around screaming waving his hand trying to shake off the sticky laxative monster from his palm, it was hysterical, and traumatic.

  2. Well I wish the last thing sticky thing I ate was sticky balls you get in Shanghai...chopstick stabby!! But alas, there has not been much sticky in my life recently.
    So I'll go for holiday story where after stumbling home from New Years, I found $15 bucks on the parking lot stairs!! Score! Breakfast mulah for me and my friends at 3am! Yay!

  3. And speaking of sticky...had some great dim sum in Chinatown, NYC this weekend. Does that count? Yum. More deliciousness heading my way. Yeah! I'm a winner!

  4. Chinese Sticky rice with VERY hot chicken wings! YUMMEH!
    My daughter is crazy for Penquins... so I really wanna win this!
    outofthemist @ gmail .com (remove spaces)

  5. One of the last sticky thing I ate was pancakes. I could eat pancakes for dinner I forgot a couple of days ago, I ate a yummy cinnimon roll. I warmed it up in the microwave and it taste even better! Thanks!

  6. I made MONKEY BREAD & boy it was sticky,gooey,yummy & filled with cinnamonsugar & chopped up pecans..... it was REALLY good & now its really GONE

  7. You are too funny! I haven't had anything sticky lately...and my holidays were (sad story, but I won't need counseling :) uneventful unless purchasing rotors/brake pads then learning how to put them on my truck sounds fun...LOL.
    I do however really like yummy brownies....thanks for the super fun giveaway!!!

  8. I'm a new follower! :D

  9. Oh memories--the last sticky thing I ate was a scrumptious cinnamon roll at grandma's house last night. It was the best--cinnamon, maple frosting, sugar, and everything sweet.

    Thanks for the giveaway--I hope I'm lucky!


  10. The last sticky thing I ate was some chocolate that had just melted but as I was desperate I just had to!


  11. I had STEW last night and it was a disaster! First off the carrots were not all the way done, i used the wrong kind of meat and I burned the bottom of my dutch oven!!!
    I am a much better baker , but as for cooking I CANT!

  12. i get your rss feed.

  13. Last sticky thing I ate was actually candy cane! but this afternoon I had to clean the chocolate pudding from the white bed sheets from my little girl!


  14. Hmm, something sticky -- I made brownies last night with this wonderful fudge frosting -- it was certainly sticky -- and very good! I love brownies -- it's one of my many sweets addictions :-)

  15. Last thing i ate sticky was carmel apples

  16. following via google reader

  17. I ate a sticky ice cream sandwich.