Tuesday, December 8, 2009

100 things Baltimore foodies must try...HIGHLIGHT

I was just alerted this weekend of Baltimore Sun food writer Elizabeth Large's top 100 Food Related Things in Baltimore!

Besides the amazing fact I love eating AND live in Baltimore, I thought #34 was especially true.

#34 Make fun of the hipsters at Golden West and Rocket to Venus in Hampden.

True. So True. Considering I'm at Golden West every Wine Wednesday, I can attest to the true nature of this. But I firmly believe Rocket to Venus (family pic here) surpasses us by far. And yes, I'm trying to start a restaurant war. Come'on... it's my hood and I can start turf wars if I want! 

Next up: 3 way Bar war between Zissimo's, Griffin's and Dimitri's. (all 3rd shift bars, all within a block radius, and all bustling with regulars at 7am...).

Thanks for the heads up Sharon!

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