Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kick-Ass Trailer of the WEEK!

Kick-Ass in HD

Oh baby... so freaking excited about this!
In case you ever wanted to be a real-superhero and don a spandex costume, this film is the "instructional video" for you! Ahhhh...yeah, the main dude Dave Lizewski, decides he's gonna fight crime! Except, he's a regular joe with no super powers. Yep. He gets beat up a lot.

Read the Kick-Ass comic book wiki page!
Or the film's IMDB page!

Did I mention the movie stars McLovin?


  1. Loopy Rocket always manages to find a gem among the dross. Thank you, Loopy Rocket.

  2. Awww shucks... I'm all blushing!
    Thank YOU Liv Tyler! :)